Who We Are – Our Story

InDesign Data LLC is a leading independent application development and data aggregation company, connecting many of today’s premier automotive technology providers to important data, critical to their business models.

In February 2013, InDesign Data LLC acquired AsyncUp LLC – the creators of the DMSconnect product. First developed in 2002, DMSconnect has continuously evolved and is widely recognized as the most advanced data gateway application, connecting Dealership Management Systems to third party application providers.  DMSconnect’s bidirectional and real-time data integration “push” and “pull” technology was conceived and built to take today’s exciting applications to the next level.

Our solutions serve a multitude of businesses including:

  • customer relationship management with push/pull
  • advertising/marketing/promotion with pull to prove lead-to-close ROI
  • parts/service/body shop with push/pull
  • vehicle and parts obsolescence with pull
  • retail/wholesale e-commerce with push/pull
  • data integrity / address cleanup with push/pull
  • business intelligence reporting with pull
  • real-time performance feedback with pull
  • accounting/auditing with pull
  • DMS providers with pull from old DMS

InDesign’s in-house development team is highly regarded in the industry for their ingenious turn-key solutions developed for many of our diverse client subscribers.  These unique and complex programming innovations continue to keep InDesign well ahead of the tech curve as well as the challenges and the dynamics of our segment specialization. 

Why Are We The Best?

Our Company Mission
InDesign Data is focused on innovation. Developing the industry’s most advanced technologies & solutions, we empower best-in-class software providers in every imaginable area of application and specialization.
We believe that our core purpose is centered around our clients. Delivering fast reliable data remains our single most important product and focus. We recognize that our clients are the inspiration for how we envision, build and deliver our data products and services.
The InDesign Promise
To constantly evolve, innovate and develop the most sophisticated technologies for accessing data and delivering applications to market while maintaining our commitment to be the most customer-centric provider in our industry.